Butchers String Twine Blue White

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Butchers String Twine Blue White


Produced from 1st quality yarn which gives a consistent strong product, wound onto food safe plastic cores.


Break load 50 kgs, Certified for Food Use by Public Analyst- BRC/IOP APPROVED


The Prefered Butchers favourite Twine Leaders in Twine and String for Industry Rayon Twines have become the twines used regularly by the butchery and associated trades. The twines are made from a First Quality, High Tenacity Rayon yarn.


This yarn is made from continuous filaments, which gives the twines their considerable strength.


All Henry Winnings Rayon Twines are well known in the market as Meatbind, with its traditional logo.


The Company have spent heavilyto create a production atmosphere, suitable for producing twines for the food trade.


The factory environment has been passed by the supermarkets, when the Company were commended for our hygienic standard. Henry Winning & Cos Rayon Twines are currently tested and passed by Public Analyst and conform to the relevant Food Safety requirements.


Market demand dictated that we should offer our customers differing colours of twines, and with considerable help from our Dyers, we have been able to offer red, blue and green twines all made from Continuous Filament Yarns. To the best of our knowledge, we are currently the only manufacturer to offer this product.


2004-2005 saw the company awarded the Gold Seal for continued quality and hygienic merit over the previous 10 years from the Royal Institute of Public Health.


PFM24001: Butchers Blue/ White Twine – BRC/IOP APPROVED

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