Compostable Bag 24×36 600x900mm Per 100

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Compostable Bag 24×36 600x900mm Per 100


Environmentally-friendly compostable packing bags particularly suitable for packing fruit, vegetables and other fresh produce. The bags are milky-white and printed with a repeating green compostable logo and the words ‘COMPOSTABLE for a better world’, with ‘MATERIAL CONFORMS TO EN 13432’ underneath. The thermoplastic compostable material is plasticizer-free and contains natural potato-starch and other biologically sourced polymers.


Bags are heat-sealable with a standard heat sealer.


100% biodegradable and compostable according to EN 13432.


The biobased carbon-share of the entire formulation exceeds 30% (according to ASTM D6866).


Achieves the “OK Compost HOME” certification awarded by Vincotte.


Designed to disintegrate in industrial compost units in less than 90 days.


Suitable for domestic composting (disintegration time will vary, normally taking longer than 90 days).


Store away from humidity/heat sources and direct sunlight, use within 6 months of delivery.

End of life options


These bags are compostable but can be recycled before degradation occurs. Although biodegradable, the material should only be disposed of in a controlled waste management environment. If disposed of in a landfill, the biodegradation process takes much longer due to the lack of oxygen and moisture required to break down the product.


Important Product Storage Information


To maintain the high quality of this product during storage it is recommended that the bags should be stored in its original wrapping away from any source of local heating or direct sunlight and use within 6 months from the date of delivery. Store between temperature: 17-23°C and relative Humidity: 35-55%.


Safety data


Not a dangerous product as defined by directive 67/548/EEC and not subject to transport regulations.

300mm wide x 450mm long, 20 micron


Large compostable bag made from milky-white thermoplastic material, plasticizer-free and from natural biologically-sourced polymers. Printed with compostable logo and text. ‘OK Compost HOME’ certified and heat-sealable. Boxed in 200’s.


HT Blockhead Sacks – COMPOSTABLE 18×24 (450×600) – 20mu (per box 200)

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