CPET Evolve Tray 200x155x45mm – 2 Compartment Per Box 416




CPET Evolve Tray 200x155x45mm – 2 Compartment Per Box 416


2200-2F CPET Tray


CPET Evolve and can vary in color to the image provided


416 per case


Ovenable, microwavable and freezable containers


New break through material


The CPET EVOLVE trays are the same as the BLACK CPET, still being ovenable, microwaveable and freezable, the difference being that they are made from an average 85% recycled material, are recyclable, sustainable and more importantly recognizable to the Recycling sorting infrastructure in the UK, unlike BLACK CPET.


A unique solution to the challenge of black tray recycling, moving further towards a circular business with the launch of a new product Evolve. A new breakthrough material that meets consumer demand for environmentally sustainable packaging and packaging that can be recycled.


– Replacing carbon black CPET trays
– Unrivalled recycled content within the CPET market
– Fully compliant to the highest standards of food safety
– Trays can be recycled again and again and made into new trays
– Easily sorted by UK waste processors
– Proven and tested to be NIR detectable
– Average of up to 80% post-consumer content
– Natural colour scheme – no added colour or masterbatch
– A range of pastel colours come through (colours will vary)
– Excellent retailer and packer processor interest


Technical Information

Product Material: CPET
Dimensions (mm): 200×155
Height (mm): 45
Freezer Safe: Yes
Microwaveable: Yes
Ovenable: Yes
Temperature range: -40oC to +220oC
Recycled content: Yes, up to 25%

Additional information

drum size
goose neck - additional working height
meatball size
mould size
mould sizes
mould type
phase (power)
pole option
sausage filler brand
sausage filler brands
seal bar configuration
service plate size
skewer type
type / hole size
your sausage filler

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