DEKO 800Safe 800S Stainless Steel Slicer 1 Phase


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DEKO 800Safe 800S Stainless Steel Slicer 1 Phase


9119-5266 – 800S WS230V UK


Previously the Berkel 800S


Oblique slicing machine


From wafer-thin slices to 32mm slices


The product pushes itself against the blade


The meat table can be tilted and removed


Keeps the meat in its place


Integrated sharpening unit: fast and easy sharpening of the blade


Enlarged and widened meat table as compared to the 800 Safe model





Use of Material – s/s 303/304 for all parts that come into contact with food Anodised aluminum




Foot print: (L x W) 500 x 250 mm


External dimensions: (L x W x H) 725 x 550 x 585 mm


Dimensions of Meat Table (L x W) 260 x 270 mm, the standard version


Meat table: Can be tilted and removed


Sharpening unit: Removable and integrated into the slicing machine


Fast and easy sharpening of the blade


Slicing capacity: 220 mm for round products


190 x 190mm for square products


250 x 190mm for rectangular products


Blade: Ø 318 mm


Blade speed: 280 RPM


Special hard, chromium-plated circular blade


Available in s/s, a Teflon version and as a serrated model


Blade remover: supplied as standard


Thickness adjustment: 0 – 32mm, infinitely adjustable


Cleaning: removable blade plate, sharpening unit and meat table


Motor: 0.180kW – 1 speed – belt drive


1,400 RPM


IP 23


Voltage: 230V – 50Hz 1 Phase 2.5 Ampere


Noise level: < 50 dB (A)


Weight: 49kg


Meets: CE Directive 89/392/EEC


Safety and hygiene requirements


EN 1974: 1998


Low voltage directive: 73/23/EEC


Warranty: 12 months as from delivery  Does not apply to parts that are subject to wear


Warranty: 36 months as from delivery (with service contract) – Does not apply to parts that are subject to wear


DEKO 800S Parts Overview


DEKO 800S Cleaning Instructions


PFM64510: 9119-5266 DEKO 800S Slicer WS230V, 230V

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