Meat Tenderizer 48 Knife Jaccard Original Super 3

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Meat Tenderizer 48 Knife Jaccard Original Super 3

The Original Super Meat Tenderizer Professional quality, 48 knifehand-held meat tenderizer


Used in great restaurants around the world. Achieve better cooking results from less expensive cuts of meat or enhance the flavor and texture of even the finest meats with the original multi-knife, manual meat tenderizer.


Razor sharp knife blades cut through connective tissues that can make meat tough.


Simple to do, this age old technique known as jaccarding makes more flavorful, more tender meat! Also helps to retain your meat’s natural juices. Perfect for beef, chicken, pork, veal, turkey and game — readily penetrating flavor deeper into youre your favorite cuts.


Reduce cooking time by up to 40 percent while helping meats to cook more evenly. Improves yield and “plate coverage” by reducing shrinkage. Tiny “heat channels” are created, resulting in faster penetration of marinades, providing more even cooking throughout the meat, and significantly reduced cooking times all without changing the shape or appearance of your meat. Made of FDA compliant ABS and genuine 300 Series stainless steel metal components.


Highest quality stainless steel results in sharper blades that will not dull, discolor, rustor change shape over time.Knives measure 50 RHC and are sharpened on both sides for prolonged performance that stays sharp even after frequent use. Dishwasher safe (top shelf recommended).


Andre Jaccard’s Lesson # 1 -Mechanical Meat Tenderization Who invented mechanical tenderization of meat? Andre Jaccard; founder of Jaccard Corporation, is widely credited with introducing the process of mechanical tenderizer to the United States What is a mechanical meat tenderizer? A mechanical meat tenderizer utilizes a series of razor sharp knives (see diagram below) to surgically cut the meats connective tissue, thereby making any cut of meat butter tender.


Are mechanical meat tenderizers the same as meat mallets or hammers? No. While a meat mallet can breakdown the connective tissues on the top surface of the meat, it does not penetrate far enough into the meat to cut the many connective tissue structures below the surface.


What is the connective tissue of meat? Collagen is the protein that makes up connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments.


It is an incredibly tough stuff and if meat has too much collagen it will be tough and hard to eat. What are the benefits of mechanical tenderization? (a) Makes any cut of meat butter tender,(b) stimulates quicker & more complete penetration of marinades and rubs,(c) reduces cooking times by up to 40% & eliminates need to par boil poultry, (d) promotes even / thorough cooking throughout meat regardless of uneven thickness or low / high spots and (e)reduces shrinkage of meat during cooking. Isnt this the same as stabbing the meat with a fork? No. Think of a piece of rope and the difference between pushing a nail through the rope stands and pushing a razor sharp knife through the strands. A nail will find a path through the rope without cutting the strands.


A knife will slice the strands. Are all mechanical meat tenderizers the same?No. Jaccard meat tenderizers have long been the gold standard within the industry and have lasted the test of time.


They are made of superior, high quality materials and are backed by Jaccard’s exclusive Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.


301 stainless steel tenderizer knives with a 50 rock well hardness Tenderizer knives sharpened to a razors edge on both sides 304 stainless steel columns


PFM12076: Meat Tenderiser Jaccard Super 3 Hand Held

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