Price Gun Puma PJ6


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Price Gun Puma PJ6


The Puma PJ6 is the ideal pricing gun for small businesses and retailers. It has one line containing six digits and it’s character set allows pricing up to £99.99 or £99999 if the decimal point is not used.


The Puma PJ6 pricing gun uses our CT4 pricing gun label and Puma price gun ink roller .


Comes with: Puma PJ6 Pricing Gun, a roll of Pre-Loaded Labels and Instructions.




Model: Puma PJ6


Label Size: CT4 26x12mm Price Gun Label


Ink Type: Puma Ink Roller


Colour: Black


Lines: 1


Digits per Line: 6


Inclusive Labels: 1,500

 PFM26059:  Price Gun Manual Click Puma PJ6 (uses non punched labels)

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