Price Gun Puma PJH6


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Price Gun Puma PJH6


This Pricing gun takes the Popular 22×12 CT1 labels and are available form our shop here


Model: Puma PJH6
Label Size: CT1 22x12mm Price Gun Label
Ink Type: Puma Ink Roller
Colour: Red
Lines: 1
Digits per Line: 6
Inclusive Labels: 1,000
 Puma PJH6 Pricing Gun
It has one line containing eight digits and its character set allows pricing up to £99.99 or £99999 if the decimal point is not used. Includes the Pound (£), Euro (€) and Dollar ($) Symbols.


PFM26092:  Price Gun Manual Click Puma PJH6 1 Line (uses punched labels)

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