Audion VMS133 Vacuum Packer, 16 PUMP, 1 Phase


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Audion VMS133 Vacuum Packer, 16 PUMP, 1 Phase


Rock solid machine that gives you benefits for years
This tabletop vacuum packing machine with a high lid has been designed for professional use. The Audion VMS 113 has the same size as the VMS 93 but is now equipped with a stronger 16 m3/h vacuum pump.


The transparent high lid gives the end user a good overview of the product during the packing cycle. The packing cycle will take 25 to 30 seconds depending on the selected end vacuum and the volume of your product.


Made from high-quality materials and constructed according to a clever design with a maintenance-friendly and easy-to-clean construction you can’t go wrong.


To sum up:


High lid
1 seal bar (front): 350 mm
Double seal (2 convex seal wires)
1 program memory
Time controlled
Powerful 16 m3/h vacuum pump


This makes our machine unique
We work together with you in providing the best quality packaging machines to help you grow your business


High lid
This tabletop vacuum packaging machine is standard-equipped with a high lid. This offers a usable chamber height of 130 mm which allows you to vacuum pack higher products.


Speed is king
The Audionvac VMS 113 has the same size as the VMS 93 but with a higher capacity vacuum pump. Ideal when a quick vacuum cycle is required. Providing more power than other branded vacuum chambers of the same size. The powerful 16 m³/h vacuum pump is not only strong but also durable and constructed of high-quality materials.


Reliable, durable, and stainable
In today’s world, everyone relies on their products. It is crucial that equipment functions with highly efficient performance. When they fail to do so, it can lead to the customer being exasperated. Therefore Audion offers a warranty period of 3 years on the Audionvac VMS 113. Spare parts are easy and widely available. This guarantees a safe and reliable function of your product for now and for the future.


Plug and play
During the design of Audionvac VMS 113, we placed our users at the center. This resulted in a professional vacuum machine, industrial grade, with ease of installation and operation. Operators don’t need extended training as the machine and the way the software is being built up speaks for itself – plug and play. The noise level and energy consumption of the Audionvac VMS 113 are reduced to a level hard to beat, all being in favor of the end-user.


More specifications of the Audionvac VMS 113


Seal bar front: 350 mm
Seal width: 3,5 mm double seal (2 convex sealing wires)
Effective chamber size (LxWxH): 370 x 350 x 150 mm
Pump capacity: 16 m3/h
Digital control panel: 1 program memory
Machine cycle: 15 – 30 sec
Chamber material: Stainless steel chamber and transparent lid
Housing material: Stainless steel
Type of film: PA/PE, vacuum bags
The thickness of the film: 2 x 150 microns
Power supply: 230V-1P-50Hz (standard)
Power consumption: 0,6 kW
Weight: 51 kg
Machine dimensions (LxWxH): 554 x 450 x 405 mm


PFM90647: Audion Vacuum Packer VMS133, 16 Pump, 1ph, 1 x 410mm

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