Boilable Sous Vide Vacuum Pouch 200 x 200 per 1000

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Boilable Sous Vide Vacuum Pouch 200 x 200 per 1000


Boilable (Sous Vide) is a cooking process in which food is vacuum sealed in a pouch or bag, with or without sauce, and then cooked at a low temperature over a period of time.


It has many advantages and benefits and is becoming increasingly popular amongst professional and amateur chefs alike.


Advantages of Sous Vide cookery: Taste: The juices are locked in, enhancing the overall flavor.


Consistency: Meat in particular becomes very tender and succulent Space saving: Sous Vide cooking takes up relatively little space, ideal for smaller kitchens.


Time saving: Food can be prepared in advance, vacuum sealed and stored for relatively long periods of time, perfect for busy kitchens.


Applications Sous vide is a very useful method of cookery for many food types including: Meats and poultry beef, lamb, pork and chicken.


Fish and seafood sous vide works well with delicate fish, ensuring it is not overcooked.


Vegetables, selected fruits and eggs.


These boilable vacuum pouches are for use in an internal chamber vacuum packer only and will not work with external vacuum sealers.


PFM29001: 200 x 200 BOILABLE Vac Pac Bag (per 1000)

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