Knife Wall Rack Plastic 14 Slots


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Knife Wall Rack Plastic 14 Slots


Holds 14 knives | Knives sold separately


Want to keep your most-used kitchen knives stored safely without taking up any workspace? Fitting this Hygiplas plastic wall rack to your wall does just that – with slots for up to 14 knives, it keeps them within easy reach without the need for a knife block or extra drawer space.

The rack keeps those sharp blades safely out of harm’s way, helping to keep them in top condition and extend their lifespan. The handles remain clearly visible – perfect if you’re using the Hygiplas colour-coded collection and want to identify your required knife quickly. The rack is made from sturdy and robust plastic, which is easy to fix to your wall. It’s equally easy to remove too, whenever you need to wash it to maintain impeccable hygiene.


Product Features

Capacity 14 Knives
Dimensions 407(H) x 375(W) x 76(D)mm
Weight 980g
Colour Grey
14 slots provide plenty of space to hold all your favourite knives safely
Easy to attach to your wall, and even easier to remove for cleaning
Can be washed quickly to ensure impeccable hygiene for your rack and knives
Please note – the rack is supplied empty, and knives are not included
Protects your blades and keeps your most-used knives in perfect condition
Wall-mounted to keep knives within easy reach, without taking up storage space
Keeps your knife collection together with no chance of misplacing any of them


PFM12218: Knife Rack Plastic Large 400x500mm (Wall Mounted) 14 Holes

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