Vac Bags 200 x 300 per 1000 – Recyclable


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Vac Bags 200 x 300 per 1000 – Recyclable

ONLY suitable for chamber vacuum packers. Not suitable for chamberless machines.

Recyclable Vacuum Pouches – This is a true breakthrough in plastic food packaging

Recycling is the future and the most sustainable form of environmentally friendly products. A product that can be recycled can, by definition, be made back into itself. This is widely regarded as being more sustainable than even compostable, or biodegradable products. Our products have been independently tested and fully accredited by Impact Solutions, the Scottish Plastics Recycling Centre of Excellence as being suitable for recycling within the usual UK supply chains.

– Identical Performance
– Same High Barrier
– The pouches and films have the same barrier quality as our conventional products

Same Sealing Properties
– PE is still used as the sealing layer, giving the same sealing performance as conventional pouches. No adjustments need to be made to existing machinery.

– Plastic products that are bailed for recycling incur lower costs than conventional general waste.

– From 65μm

– 200mm x 300mm


PFM: 200 x 300 Vac Pac Bags – Recyclable (per 1000)

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Weight 10.07 kg
drum size
goose neck - additional working height
meatball size
mould size
mould sizes
mould type
phase (power)
pole option
sausage filler brand
sausage filler brands
seal bar configuration
service plate size
skewer type
type / hole size
your sausage filler

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