Pintro HBF700 Burger Former Attachment for Sausage Fillers


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Pintro HBF700 Burger Former Attachment for Sausage Fillers


The PINTRO Hamburger Patty Former allows for a single operator to produce up to 700 patties per hour.  Patties of various weights, sizes and shapes can easily be produced while maintaining a traditional look. Both easy to use and maintain.

Use existing sausage filler nut to attach machine to sausage filler.


The Hamburger Patty Former was built for:

  • Small and large size butcher shops
  • Caterers and party service enterprises
  • Industrial kitchens
  • (Hamburger) Restaurants
High productivity

The Hamburger Patty Former is fast! Making burger patties with it is 10 times faster than one could possibly make them by hand.


Various sizes

You can choose from different formats, shapes and weights. See what exactly is available here or contact us if you are looking for a custom made disc.


Connects to most types of sausage fillers

The PINTRO Hamburger Patty Former comes with an adapted flange so that it can easily be connected to virtually every sausage filler. Both with hydraulic and vacuum types of stuffers. You don’t have a filler / stuffer yet? Feel free to contact us for assistance.



Steady quality and an even look

A very fast way to produce steady quality burger patties which are the same weight and maintain an even shape, again and again…


For small and medium enterprises as well as for the industry

The PINTRO Hamburger Patty Former is by far the best solution for small and large butcher shops, butcher or restaurant chains, snack suppliers, caterers, industrial kitchens, …

Quick shape switch

One can easily change shape, weight and size of the patty by simply exchanging the shaper disc.


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
sausage filler brand

Mainca, Talsa, Ramon, Dadaux, PSV Villa


4", 5"



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