Knife Sharpener Nirey KE280 240v

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Knife Sharpener Nirey KE280 240v


This new concept of a Knife Wizard Sharpener is best suited for commercial establishments and knife sharpening businesses. With its powerful motor and robust transmission makes for the best possible outcome via an axle and crown wheel and pinions. It features a patented cushion contact system, it uses Aluminium-oxide cloth belts which are loaded onto wheels with a patented foam surround. Whilst the knives are being sharpened, the cushioning system ‘polishes the knife sharp’, this method not only produces edges sharper than when the knife was new but eliminates the need for honing.


With its sturdy construction and technology, it will withstand continuous use in a highly demanding kitchen, due to its heavy duty gears and motor. Suitable for colleges, hotels, restaurants or any other establishment with a large commercial kitchen with a number of chefs.


It produces smooth razor sharp edges on all good quality knives including, Japanese, Western, straight, curved or serrated – with no skill necessary.


All the features of the professional model but with heavy-duty gears and motor for continual usage.


Ideal for college, hotels etc


12 month commercial guarantee


PFM: Knife Sharpener Nirey KE280 (240v)

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