Lotus En Motion 1ply Blue Towel Box of 6pk

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Lotus En Motion 1ply Blue Towel Box of 6pk


Formerly known as the Lotus Professional enMotion, now the Tork Electronic Hand Towel Roll. This is considered the ultimate hand towel dispensing system. Tork H13 was the first automated hand towel dispenser of its kind, developed to meet the increasingly high standards of hygiene required by today’s customers.


Simple to use and maintain, reducing maintenance time and servicing.
Single sheet dispensing reduces consumption and saves money.
Adjustable time delay between towels helps reduce wastage.
A faster, easier and more pleasant hand drying experience.
Sheets can be dispensed as either 247x200mm (short) giving 715 sheets per roll, 247x300mm (medium) giving 476 sheets per roll and 247x400mm (long) giving 357 sheets per roll.
Towels are also available in 2ply blue, 2ply white and 1ply white versions.
For use with either the Blue or White Lotus enMotion towel dispensers.
Sold in cases of 6 rolls.


enMotion Refills for Lotus enMotion Dispensers enMotion is the next generation of towel dispensers.


The enMotion automated touchless hand towel system dispenses a single towel when you wave your hand in front of the infra-red sensor.


Touchless dispensing provides a cleaner, more hygienic environment, significantly lowers waste and reduces maintenance.


Code: J90226B / 471115


1 Ply Blue Hand Towel Up to 715 Sheets per Roll 6 Rolls per Case


PFM05052: Lotus En-Motion 1ply Blue Towel Box of 6pk

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