Mantle L Sealer LS30

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Mantle L Sealer LS30


LS30 ‘L’ Sealer


The model LS30 ‘L’ sealing machine is the mid-size model in the ‘L’ sealer range. All the ‘L’ sealers feature an impulse sealing cycle through an electronic timer, giving clean seals without the need for expensive Teflon covers over the sealing wires.


The product to be wrapped is loaded into the center-folded film through the dividing plate, then the bakery product and film are moved to the left and into the sealing area of the ‘L’ sealer. The sealing head is then lowered to initiate the two sealing wires to cut the film around the product. Because the trailing seal from the last cycle has made the leading seal for the next pack and the film is already folded on the roll to give two open front edges, when you complete the seal you enclose the product in a complete bag.


The center-folded polypropylene film is available in various sizes to suit the bakery products to be wrapped. A plain film is used for room temperature products and a perforated film for warm products to prevent condensation.


General Applications

LS30 ‘L’ Sealing Machines are ideal for bakery products such as French sticks, tea cakes, barm cakes, croissants, cakes and breads.


Product Features


Stainless steel food contact areas


Timed impulse sealing cycle


Twin roll film supports


White epoxy paint finish


A floor stand with locking casters is available as an optional extra


Technical Specification


Sealing area: 300 x 300mm


Max pack height: 100mm


Electrics: 240vac / 6amp


Machine Dimensions: 945 x 665mm


Weight: 40kg

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