Food Safe Oil Spray 300ml

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Food Safe Oil Spray 300ml


Colorless special lubricant with creeping properties for the food industry as well as for the beverage, pharmaceutical and clinical industries

Chemical basis: Medical white according to DAB 10
Lubricant system: Oil
Colour: Transparent
Smell/fragrance: Odourless
Density: 0.86 g/cm³
Density conditions: at 20°C
VOC concentration (CH): 22.3 g/l
Min. temperature conditions: -10 °C
Max. temperature conditions: 180 °C
Min. flashing point: 200 °C
Ignition temperature: 510 °C
Kinematic oil basis viscosity: 31 mm²/s
Conditions for the viscosity of oil basis: at 20°C
Silicone-free: Yes
Acid-free: Yes
Resin-free: Yes
AOX-free: Yes
Resistance against: Aging
Contents: 300 ml
Container: Aerosol can
Shelf life from production: 24 Months



Low-viscosity and colorless special lubricant with creeping properties

Excellent lubricating properties in hard-to-reach areas thanks to low viscosity
Excellent creeping and cleaning effect ensures optimum protection of machines and conveyor areas exposed to water
No visual impairment with occasional contact between the lubricant and product
Tasteless and odorless
Good material compatibility on various surfaces such as aluminum, stainless steel, plastics compatible with mineral oil e.g. PP, PE, PS, nylon, polycarbonate glass, epoxy glass fabric-based plastics, and sealing rings.
Displaces water
Optimum anti-corrosion properties
Resin- and acid-free
Resistant to aging
Silicone and AOX-free
In this context, the product may come into occasional contact with food
Does not harm skin and mucosa



Application area
For liquid lubrication of valve gaskets, sleeves, O-rings, drives, piston rods, and guides on slide dampers, hinge bands,s, and roller chains as well as mechanisms in the food and beverage industry. For lubricating cutting blades in the paper industry as well as needles and hooks on knitting machines. Versatile use in manufacturing, application, and packaging of foodstuffs as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. The lubricating effect is even maintained for machines and conveyors exposed to water. Ideal for use as a release agent in the food and beverage industries.

Clean and degrease the parts to be lubricated. Then spray a thin coat.


Food Safe Oil Spray 300ml

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