Pintro Kebab Machine P480 and Starter Pack


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Pintro Kebab Machine P480 and Starter Pack


The PINTRO P480 is a brochette machine for supermarkets, caterers, hotels and restaurants, canteens, industrial kitchens, party services… It is intended for the production of several hundred brochettes per day, a number of times per week


We recommend working with at least 2 people when using this appliance.


In doing so, 1 person fills the product trays (prep work) and the other person operates the PINTRO appliance.


In this way, the person operating the machine stays constantly supplied and can continually mount skewers with the appliance.


This is how we optimize productivity with the PINTRO P480.





Nominal capacity: 480 brochettes per hour


Number of operators: 1-3


Weight of brochette: 5gr to 990gr


Length of stick: 120 to 400 mm, diameter 3 to 6 mm


Type of stick: wood & bamboo, round, gun-shape and stainless steel* skewers


Type of brochette: meat, poultry, fish, fruit, vegetables, candies, etc.


With the P480 it is also possible to produce brochettes with shrimps or small sausages!


Starter pack includes: P480 Machine, 1 x Standard Service Plate for 1 – 6 Product Trays (bottom tray), 6 x Product Trays, 1 x Stick Holder (4, 6 or 8 Kebab) and the Universal Removable Slat.


You just need to let us know the following; The weigh of each food piece, The the type of skewer (wooden, metal or teppo gushi)


Finished product:


All brochettes are uniform


Artisanal appearance


One can easily choose the spacing between the ingredients


One can easily choose the number of ingredients (1 to 10)


Ergonomic and hygienic functioning


Short set-up time


Maintenance: the food trays and the machine can be washed in an industrial dishwasher (max. 80º C)


The machine can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner


Conforms with CE machine directives


The materials used comply with the legal requirements for coming into contact with food.


* The stainless steel brochette skewers must have a > point at the bottom. The point may not move diagonally to the right or left  (traditional stainless steel skewer). The sticks are for machining purposes.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
skewer type

Round Wooden, Teppo Gushi

drum size
goose neck - additional working height
meatball size
mould sizes
mould type
phase (power)
pole option
sausage filler brand
sausage filler brands
seal bar configuration
type / hole size
your sausage filler
mould size

10g with a 20mm diameter, 15g with a 28mm diameter, 20g with a 30mm diameter, 32g with a 30mm diameter, 32g with a 35mm diameter, 45g with a 40mm diameter

service plate size

Standard (1-6 Moulds), Large (7+ Moulds)

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