Sharpenset Wet Stone 150 Gritt


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Sharpenset Wet Stone 150 Gritt


Stone, 150 grit – Medium (Orange)


General purpose stone which is ideal for butcher’s and chef’s knives.


What is the Sharpenset Whetstone?


The ‘Whetstone’ is a unique product from Sharpenset Engineering Ltd. It was developed to fill a gap in the market where other grinders just did not live up to the job. A variety of tools can be ground by wet grinding on a flat surface, either by hand or with the use of various attachments.


The machine is fitted with 180 watt (Å’ HP) motor, continuously rated, of a well-known make, a reliable reversing switch and a well-proportioned diamond trued stone for long life. The basic machine is constructed entirely of aluminium die castings, finished in a pleasant shade of stove enamel. Robust, compact, portable, British made, fully guaranteed.


Lubrication and cooling of blades and tools is maintained by a self-contained, constant supply of water to the stone, ensuring there is no risk whatsoever of drawing the temper of the steel.


Sharpen Set Replacement Wet Stone 150 Gritt (Orange)

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