Temperature Fridge or Freezer With 70mm Dial

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Temperature Fridge or Freezer With 70mm Dial


Fridge or Freezer thermometer with 70mm dial


Combined fridge thermometer and freezer thermometer in ABS case with 70mm dial. range -30 to 30C use in fridge or freezer can be hung or free-standing bulk pack of 10 available Fridge thermometer and freezer thermometer.


This fridge or freezer thermometer is dial shaped and has a 70mm dial, indicating temperature over a range of -30 to 30C in 1C divisions and incorporates colour-coded zones for ease of reading.


The fridge freezer thermometer has a strong ABS case measuring 70 x 60mm.


The 800-000 fridge or freezer thermometer has an itegral hook allowing the unit to be free-standing or hung from a shelf.


PFM12073: Temperature Fridge or Freezer Thermometer Large – Hanging (Range -30 to 60C) – (800-000)

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