Spiral Mixer 90ltr Dadaux PMX90


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Spiral Mixer 90ltr Dadaux PMX90


Mixer PMX 90


Our mixers are powerful and practical and ensure you get a homogeneous mix will retaining the meat’s texture.


Comply with CE standards


Made in France


Mixers PMX60 and PMX90 ­ PMX60CM and PMX90CM Entirely in stainless steel 18/10 and waterproof. Removable arm and bowl. Strong and silent. Electric equipment is protected in a waterproof case. Grease bath reducer (grease for life). Very easy to clean. Protection lid. Safety avoids the start when the arm is lifted up. Complied with CE standard. Kneader­ mixers allow to mix and knead every flesh within some minutes without damaging them. PMX60CM and PMX90CM mixers are equipped with both motors which drive the bowl that allow mixing the small quantities.





Capacity: 8 – 45/50kg


Mixing Capacity: 8 – 50kg


Weight: 100kg

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Weight 100 kg

1ph, 3ph